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The Tel-Log Telephone Control System is being distributed World Wide. It is used by individuals, small to large size companies and Institutions alike. Tel-Log has been extremely successful in the Maritime Industry where it is used to control access to a variety of Communication Mediums ranging from NMT to IRIDIUM and Inmarsat. Tel-Log is available in two configurations.

Tel-Log Single Line Tel-Log Single Line
The single line Tel-Log has one line input and a telephone output that can be connected to either a single handset or to multiple handsets using a PABX.

The single line Tel-Log is ideal for locations where only one telephone line needs to be controlled. Compared to the multi line unit it is also an inexpensive option where less than four lines need to be controlled (by using multiple single line units).

Tel-Log Multi Line Tel-Log Multi Line
The multi line Tel-Log can control up to sixteen lines at once. The system provides true integration of different telecom mediums whereby each line can be connected to any type of analogue phone line. One line can control NMT access, another one GSM access and the third one Iridium for example. Each output can then be connected either directly to a telephone handset or to a PABX system with any number of handsets.

Unified Administration System
Both Tel-Log single line and Tel-Log multi line are configured and maintained with the Soft-Log Administration software. This Microsoft® Windows™ based software is simple to use and allows complete control of all Tel-Log features.

CE Certification
The Tel-Log hardware has been CE Certified to ensure the quality and reliability of the system.

Tel-Log has been tested and certified for General Use (EN50082-1) and for Maritime Telecommunications (EN60945).

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