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Tel-Log / Features

Easy to use
Tel-Log is simple to install, configure and maintain on day-to-day basis.

Control telephone expenses
Tel-Log tracks telephone usage of individuals.

Provide maximum flexibility for end users
Tel-Log does not limit the telephone usage to a single handset or telephone. Any phone connected to Tel-Log can be used if the correct PIN is entered.

Block individual users from using the telephone
PIN numbers are assigned to all authorized users. This PIN is required for making phone calls through Tel-Log.

Allow access to emergency and service numbers
Tel-Log enables emergency and service number (central office for example) access to be configured as accessible to all users without the use of a specific PIN (numbers excluded from call charge tracking).

Record telephone usage
Tel-Log records all telephone usage and enables clear and simple usage reporting.

Consolidate diverse telecommunication systems
Tel-Log enables simple consolidation of different telecommunication systems into one unified tracking and billing system.

Control access of each user
Tel-Log can block certain users from dialing international calls or toll numbers for instance. This helps prevent malicious users from abusing their telephone priviledges.

Sell access to telephone lines
Tel-Log can handle any mixture of post-paid, pre-paid and pre-paid calling cards billing scenarios.

Simplified billing
The Soft-Log Windows application enables simple and powerful billing with support for both summarized and detailed phone bills.

Multiple currencies
Soft-Log supports call charge calculation in the native currency of each operator and then converts the results to the defined local currency of the system installation.

Remote Administration
Using the Soft-Log Administration Software, Tel-Log can be configured and maintained remotely via modem or Ethernet (Internet) connections.

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